Dexta Parts List

Official Fordson Document

Here you can find scans of the official "Dexta Parts List" book, which contains "exploded view" drawings of all the Dexta's parts and shows the corresponding part number for each part. Many thanks to Rob 'Dunggatherer' Kramer for providing this material!

Please note that the file sizes are large. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it might take quite a while to download all of it. All the files are in the Adobe .pdf format.

  1. Front cover, Pages 1-8 (8 MB)
  2. Pages 9-16 (5 MB)
  3. Pages 17-24 (5 MB)
  4. Pages 25-32 (5 MB)
  5. Pages 32-40 (5 MB)

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