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Fitting new diaphragm.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2016 3:59 pm
by RH
Morning all. Not in the best of humour at present!

Got a new diaphragm for the injection pump and can't seem to fit it!

I have done them before no worries, but this one has me about beat.
I can get it all together easily, apart from the wire circlip that holds it all together.
I can't seem to get the new rubber of the diaphragm compressed enough to get the circlip in its groove. Get one side in, and t'other side comes back out.
Tried with washers and small 'G" clamps and still no cigar.
Before I chuck the whole lot in the fire, what am I doing wrong??

The circlip fits fine on its own, and also with the washer in place that holds diaphragm in.

Said diaphragm has a thick lip around the edge and I just can't get the damned thing to seat far enough.

Any idea??

Thanks in advance,

PS, Diaphragm is from Agriline, UK.

Edited to say I got it together by using a different diaphragm housing. went easily with that one! No, the other one was the same size, not the later one.