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Oil pressure dropping within 15mins

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 11:39 pm
by Blueorange
Hi all,

I’ve just fitted a new (and working) oil pressure gauge. My Fordson has never had a working one since I’ve had it. The gauge started climbing to around 15-20 then within 10 mins began to drop and within another 10mins was down to 0.

Chatting to a couple of people, the least serious solution is that the oil is thinning out when it gets hot and in first instance to change the oil. This tractor has been stood up for a number of years and was planning on doing that ASAP anyway. Already have oil which I brought previous to knowing about pressure drop. The guy at the shop recommended 10w30 said that is what most use. Is this correct? These oil types are all new to me, but I have read up on it now and think I am getting it. FM hand book states SAE 30. Some forums seem to suggest I Should go thicker if thinning is a problem?

Any help around correct oil or possible solutions to pressure drop would be very much appreciated.

I hope the Fordson gods are looking favourably upon me, I am planning to take it to strumpshaw steam rally in two weeks!!!

Re: Oil pressure dropping within 15mins

PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2019 12:39 am
by oehrick
Hi Mike

Don't know if you noticed my gauge, for the first time in donkeys years it shows pressure - all 30 psi's :D - Down to a filter and oil change, have filled up with Morris Golden Film SAE 20w50 Classic Motor Oil as recommended by Brian, I didn't drop the sump and clean the pump intake filter but I think you looked in the bucket of what dropped out with the old oil :curse:

I got 10 litres from ebay (55deltic - no connection but arrived very swiftly)

If it worries you chop the needle off and paint one on with Tippex pointing at 50 psi :yikes:

You realise we're having Strumpshaw weather this week, did your Super have a cab, I've been there when nothing short of that Seahorse could get about.............

Oh, called in on my old mate with the tame pump and injector chap, sadly he died :(

Re: Oil pressure dropping within 15mins

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 6:45 am
by Pavel
I can imagine that having a zero oil pressure reading would cause you some concern. In the first instance, though, I wonder if you have changed the oil filter. Next I wondered if your pride and joy was singing self destruct high pitched mechanical noises to you. However, if all is well on these scores, then it might be an idea to remove the oil filler cap and peek inside to see if oil is reaching the rockers [when gauge reads zero].

Re: Oil pressure dropping within 15mins

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 12:50 pm
by AdrianNPMajor
Your tractor is 62 years old.
Just to give you perspective, Rolls Royce engineers dropped Merlin and Griffon engines from Spitfires for a rebuild after 200 flight hours. Gasoline engines, supercharged and overhead cams, but same basic technology.
Your best oil pressure reading of 15psi is terminal. Zero speaks for itself.
Sorry to have to report this, but the next stage is failure of big end bolts, resulting in con rod smashing hole in wall of block.
No point in beating about the bush! Sorry.
All best, Adrian.

Re: Oil pressure dropping within 15mins

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 9:44 pm
by Blueorange
Thanks everyone for taking the time, some possible solutions there.

Pavel: No horrible noises, she sounds fine! Good idea I will check to see if the oil is reaching the rockers. Yes I will change filters and oil next and see what that does.

Rick: 20w50! So would it be best to change my can of 10w30 (unopened) for something thicker, the 20w50? Sorry to hear about your friend. (Also need to pop in and return your part!!)

Adrian: thanks for taking the time to comment, I shall keep going and try to find out what is going on.