Hydraulic arms won't lift

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Hydraulic arms won't lift

Postby Vandal » Fri May 30, 2014 8:08 pm

Hi,I have a friend with a 62 Dexta. He has had it for 40 years used it good bit, then parked up for 30 years! He has done the engine up all good now,Problem is arms will not lift. I replaced piston ram O ring and all other O rings, control valve seems to be working freely and also moving back and fore to end of its travel. I did not open this up and did not replace anything in there. Also replaced exhaust filter fresh oil etc, cranked engine over with top off with PTO in oil pumping up no problem, put top and aux plate back on but no success, took check valve out put plug back in without spring or ball and everything works fine, only thing is arms won't stay up with weight on them, I take it is because no check valve in oil just runs back?? Check valve has new o ring and seems nice and free, could it be pump is not putting out enough pressure to open check valve?
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