Swinging drawbar & handbrake

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Swinging drawbar & handbrake

Postby kiwimc » Tue Feb 09, 2016 11:34 am

Hi All, back after a bit of a break.

As purchased my 60 dexta has the toggle lever park brake and some horrible cobbled together drawbar. Dextas are getting pretty thin on the ground at NZ tractor wreckers, but I have managed to pick up an original swinging drawbar and handbrake assembly from what I think is a 64 super dexta. It appears the drawbar has been used as a dog toilet for 60 years - corrosion! Conducting the transaction over the phone meant when I asked for 'the handbrake assembly' I got the handbrake, but not the 'under the belly and up the other side' bits. Second phone call and I think I now have everything. A little panic ensued when I had a 'will there be holes in belly casting if mine is early model' moment. No pictures to confirm but I'm guessing the bracket goes over the top (i.e. closest to the ground) of the front of the rear swinging drawbar mount.

Reading the forum there are several posts about worn ratchet mechanism, replacement parts, and one suggesting the agriline kit was different to original and needed modification. Any recommendations?

Also appropriate to point out that although parts list claim handbrake was fitted from Dec 59 on, my March 60 dexta has the toggle. Did they cheat with the export tractors?
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