Front grill mounting

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Front grill mounting

Postby npaisnel » Sat Apr 16, 2016 1:53 pm

Hi all.
Been a while since I posted here, and the Dexta has just been sitting under a cover in the back of the shed, other projects took over.

Fired her up yesterday, and she started after the first few cranks as reliable as ever

Was looking at the parts I have left here, amongst which includes the front grills, the little 'buttons that secure tham and some new spring clips that go on the nose cone.

Yes I could jsut rivet the springs on ..but that is not correct, I'd guess.

Any one happen to know how they were originally fitted?? Small nut and bolt? flat head / pan head screw and nut?

Not that it matters that much but I'd like to try and put as much back together 'as original'

EDIT Found the dexta parts manual stil on the workshop computer..found them listed in the parts book 10-32 UNF 3/8, with external No.10 shake proof washers

Can't find any in my old parts box though. :shock: I'll have to use new ones :x
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