Our ford 5000: problem solved and my surprise of the year!

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Our ford 5000: problem solved and my surprise of the year!

Postby ford5000y » Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:45 am

Right, the sound I was complaining was presumed by my uncle to be coming from... not the gearbox, but from the water pump, which really needs replacing. So today my uncle dismantled the front to get to the water pump and repair it , buying a water pump repair kit for a 5000 in the process. but we (especially me) got a big surprise.

Upon splitting the water pump we discovered that the repair kit he bought won't fit because, according to him, the water pump has been converted, I don't know which part is he referring to but, according to him the parts of the water pump was from a ford 7000(or a 6600)! So, he has to come back again from where he bought the repair kit to replace it with one from a 7000 or 6600!

The thing is, probably that's the reason why the tractor is unusually cool even when I have worked it for several hours. In fact, after several ours of discing, the transmission was hot already,probably because of the gear oil getting hot, the engine oil pressure gauge says that it has got 25 psi,(or lower!) but the engine temperature still says "NORMAL"!!!!
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