Enfo jack

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Enfo jack

Postby kiwimc » Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:01 pm

What is better than an original Enfo jack?
Two Enfo jacks! :D

Seriously good jacks, stable with high reach, no sagging, no leaks. Havn't seen anything that compares. I liked the first one so much I hunted out a second.

The one on the left is clearly E27N blue, that on the right Empire blue. Were they in the tool kit with all new Majors? What about Dextas??
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Re: Enfo jack

Postby mathias1 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:24 pm

nice one! I've seen this before on ebay among other tools. I'm always wondering if these are still usable.
Does anyone has a full set of the original tools?
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Re: Enfo jack

Postby kiwimc » Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:28 pm

Hi Mathias,
yep, if you can get one it is worth having in the collection/toolbox - very usable. I bought the second on a NZ auction site for equivalent of 12 euro (but had to add 24 euro for freight :wink: ).

If you look closely in the left hand side of the photo is a later version. Not as good as the earlier version - wobbly foot casting, and smaller footprint - although you can true it up a bit with angle grinder.

Neither of mine came with the original lever/bar, but a piece of steel rod lying around (3/4" / 19 mm ???) fitted perfectly.
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Re: Enfo jack

Postby oehrick » Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:22 pm

Closer to you than me someone is collecting & collating Jack info, several pages (plus spanners!) you need to go a fair way down but the difference between E27N and E1A are noted


HTH, there is a lot to be said for a properly designed screw jack :)

edit to add Lurking elsewhere on this forum

Assuming your tractor is a Diesel, the following is the Export Tool Kit.
N1725 Adaptor Water Ballast Valve
O1A17015 7/16x1/2 Open Ender
O1A17016 9/16x5/8 Open Ender
N17016 7/16x5/8 Wrench (Capscrew)
B17020 Screwdriver
N17021A or E1ADKN 17021 Adjustable Wrench
B17025 Pliers
N17029 Open Ender 2 3/16 Hex
E27N 17034 Handle Wheel Spanner
51 17035 Wheel Spanner
E27N 17080A Jack Assy
E1ADDN17098 Injector Lifting Bar
E1ADDN 17017 Open Ender 3/4
E1ADKN 17018 Key 1/2" L
N 17125 or E1ADKN 17125 Grease Gun
For Petrol or Kero Tractors add-
EOA 17017 Tube Socket - Spark Plug
E27N 17022 Screwdriver/Point Gauge(Magneto)
19E 17049 Tommy Bar
N 17079 Carby Jet Key
E1ADKN 17052 Pump (Spark Plug Air)

For Petrol or Kero Tractors Delete-
E1A DDN 17098
E1A DDN 17017
Best regards
Rick - Bogside on Bure

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