New project - from a plough to a snow plough

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New project - from a plough to a snow plough

Postby porteous » Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:00 pm

Just bought the remains of a 3 furrow PM plough for very little on fleabay (frame only, no bodies).

Picking it up tomorrow with the idea of removing the inner and outer arms and mounting a snow plough on the centre arm, like a yard scraper. So far just an idea. Whether it's ready for Spring depends on just how rusty it is! I am going to make the blade out of an old 47kg gas cylinder split in half if I can find one (properly purged and safe!). Not sure about the blade angle, but I was thinking 20-30 degrees would do? All (sensible) suggestions gratefully recieved

project by CraigWales, on Flickr
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