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to line or not to line

PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:49 am
by oehrick
Hey Fellow Fordsoners,

Just picked up a couple of ex ebay 12.4-36's for the Major - not a pair as different makes and I had to go international (Suffolk :yikes: ) to pick them up (inaugural trip for my recently renovated trailer too) - anyhow we found the place without digital technology, the description and photos matched the tyres, the odd crack & cut but not far off full tread which is what I need rather than looks.

The seller wasn't there but had kindly also left the inner tubes which I was not expecting, these are well studded with rust from the well of the rim and no doubt the pair already on the tractor will be too, I was wondering if I should try picking this off and then thought if I picked the best from the four tubes to use, if it would be a sensible idea to slit round the 'worst' pair to slip the working tubes into as gaiters to reduce the likelihood of rust flake damage in the future.

Any ideas or experience on either rust picking the working tubes or using a sacrificial tube as a gaiter / liner ??

Anybody fancy flailing the old ones off for exercise? I've not done it in donkeys years and don't have rose tinted memories of when I did (Got so fed up with my series 1 Landy that I invested in a set of split rims)

With this done I shall have 2 decent tyres and an emergency spare, unfortunately I still have 2 scalloped centres and only 1 early disc, would consider a 2 for 1 swap if anyone had an early centre and needed a later one or ones :D

Delighted to say that the trailer performed faultlessly after its refit, not much of a load but an 80 mile round trip :clap: