Identification of odd cultivator wanted

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Identification of odd cultivator wanted

Postby oehrick » Mon May 16, 2016 11:56 pm

Ben and I replaced the recently repaired and painted mudguard and fitted the 'newish' tyred wheel on the old Major this afternoon, had a bit of noodling about shifting some stuff between sheds including this ... %20baulker - a little Villiers engined cultivator which has not seen the light of day for about 20 years. Dad used it for baulking up spuds for donkeys years, the engine was the sweetest most docile I ever knew but was spoiled by the central drive 'wheel' which is like a paddle or water wheel and was forever getting stones jammed between the side disks and the frame of the thing shreiking like harpooned elephant.

I can't recall seeing another and there is no visible name or other identification on it - someone has been bugging me to buy it but I'd rather know what it is first, I did finally identify the rotovator as a Howard Yeoman and am a bit reluctant to part with either of them.

There should be several pictures from different angles in the photbucket folder - what say gents of the forum - anyone know what it is or point me at any other info ??

Thanks in advance


BTW with newly painted mudguard and tank, keeping the major in working clothes has sort of slipped by the wayside, she does look a bit more presentable without the broken / flapping wing effect and a bit of tread on her boots though :clap:
Best regards
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