"Selene" conversions

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"Selene" conversions

Postby Oto40 » Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:18 am

http://www.xtremeshack.com/scheda/84591 ... 7.jpg.html

Hi, this is my new Super Major. It has got a 510E engine and a Selene 4wd conversion, here in Italy they were built in 60's, by using the engine of harvesters or buying it new. Mine has got a reinforced frame and the 13'' single clutch. I think roadless conversion were made using the Selene patent, because they looks really similar.
Lots of this 4wd were destroyed principally by using a front loader or because some people modified it to increase the steering angle.

Do you think it's possible to fit a double clutch into this engine? Something say they are not so strong...

I'd like to know more technical data about the 510E and the 4wd conversion in other states...

Thank you!
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Re: "Selene" conversions

Postby JC » Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:11 pm

Welcome to the forum, Oto 40. That's a nice Super Major.
I don't know the difference between the Roadless and Selene conversions, but there are several other members here that do.
You can put a double clutch on a 590E or 510E if you use the Major flywheel. Pascal has one on his. You would need to change the back end of your tractor to a Live-Drive one, though. Also, the double clutch isn't as strong. If you are going to pull that plough with it, its probably not a good idea.
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Re: "Selene" conversions

Postby The Swanndri Guy » Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:18 pm

Thats one NICE looking Major, what ever you do, don't change it ,leave the single clutch in it. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: TSG.
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Re: "Selene" conversions

Postby Oto40 » Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:49 pm

Thanks for your answers, as i was thinking the double clutch isn't enough strong. Also some people told me about double clutch destroyed by the 96hp.

Does someone know the exact technical data of the engine? Was it also used in boats?
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Re: "Selene" conversions

Postby Frans » Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:09 pm

Hello Oto40

Just like JC says Pascal has the Live drive on his 6 cyl an I have also a Live drive on my 6 cyl roadless manual conversion and it is there for almost 40 years now (its a 108 bhp) but I still drive it carfully.
regards Frans

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Re: "Selene" conversions

Postby Jesper » Sun Aug 28, 2011 6:16 pm

I have a 6 cyl 590e on my '63 Super Major and the conversion is at least 10 years old - probably even more - and the live PTO is still going strong. I guess it depends on what kind of implement you plan to use behind your 6 cyl Major.

The FSM with 590e that i have, is also without any extra reinforcement on the frame rails and the engine and gearbox is only connected by the top bolt circle - exept from one bolt and a small bracket in the lowest transmission bolt hole. Also the conversion is done with a reversed A-frame. There is some concern on this forum that this setup wont be strong enough - but mine holds together. It is mounted with a cabin from a Ursus 355C - looks stupid! Im gonna change all the above - and I promise to keep you folkes updated (probaly a small build thread) Any how: it still holds up and do it cours around the hobby farm - but in my opinion its not good enough. But this thread is about the double clutch - back to the subject.

My next Fordson project is involving a 2703 from a Clayson combine - and im also going to use the double clutch for this project. I also have some extra good idears up my sleve - but more on that when the time comes.

All power to this forum :clap:

Cheers from Jutland, Denmark :beer:
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Re: "Selene" conversions

Postby BearCreek Majors » Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:24 pm

Hi 0to40,
I think it all comes down to what you plan on using it for, if you plan on using it in the field with black smoke blowing out the stack it probably won’t last real long. But knowing that it’s a weak point and running it accordingly will probably get you by for a long time. Not riding the clutch, not dumping it at full throttle, and getting it moving before you drop the implement in the dirt will help greatly.
Having the live PTO makes them a whole lot more handy, I converted my Power Major (4cyl) Selene to a live PTO as well. If you are going to convert you will need more than just a clutch, you will need the flywheel, clutch assembly, the throwout bearing and fork assembly, and the front transmission. Some of the linkage to/from the clutch pedal may need to be changed as well.
From what I have read Selene had the patent rights and Roadless was licensed to produce their version, from what I can tell the only major difference is the engage/disengage part of the transfer cases.
Elwood Engineering Company made a somewhat similar unit for the hundred series Fords that were fairly common over here in the US but I am not aware of any US made units for the Majors
The only other US 4X4 conversion I am aware of was made by Ralph Christensen, he later got together with this guy named Ernest Doe, and Mr. Doe made some really neat 4X4’s. I haven’t got one of these……..yet.

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