590E camshaft problem

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590E camshaft problem

Postby 1962 model » Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:39 pm

Hello all,
I have just removed the camshaft from my 1962 590E and found that there is a problem with the endfloat as the thin thrust flange on the cam seems to be worn.

Is there a simple fix or do I have to replace the cam? ( there was no gasket under the front plate )


Been doing more research, the 6cyl seems to reflect camshaft changes of the 4cyl, which means any front plate change to suit a tractor conversion would need one from the same era tractor.

The 1962/3 camshafts were a problem because they had very little effective thrust surface which was prone to wear, Ford supplyed 3 to 5 thou shims to make an adjustment hower these would not be hardened and not be long lasting either.

I am considering swapping to a different model cam, the earlier one would require a gear change due to the fifferent gear mounting method, I will have a look at a later one from 1965 to see if it is more compatable.

The 1960 cam thrust was a much better idea, why Ford had to change it I have no idea?

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