Axle extensions for Rowcrop Major

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Axle extensions for Rowcrop Major

Postby Curt H. » Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:46 am

I was wondering if anyone has ever seen the axle extentions that are mentioned in the fordson major parts book from 52-64 for the rowcrop tractor? The parts book also says that the rowcrop rear axle housing and axle are different part numbers than the other units but I have not seen these part numbers on any of the rowcrop tractors that I have looked at. Is it possible that these axle housings and axles were never produced?
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Re: Axle extensions for Rowcrop Major

Postby brockwood » Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:37 am

hImage HI don’t know if its much help but my fordson farm major manual shows the rowcrop trike front end and talks about the range of rear track settings which I be live are in the normal range 52 to 72 in by various combinations of wheel and disc position. However in Stuart gibbards book on Roadless on page 84—87 is shown the row crop conversion developed on behalf of ford the prototype on a e27 a quite crude trike front which was refined on the production e1a the rear axle is extendable out to 96 in it appears to be simply a bolt on axle extension it was released in 1955 for $2700.00 b
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