Fitting tacho/hour meter

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Fitting tacho/hour meter

Post by Lesterz »

I want to add a tacho/hour meter to a 1957 Major.
Can I fit an electrical meter with a magnetic pulse recorder ( not sure exactly what that really is) to the generator? If so, any suggestions on the type of unit needed.
Or do I fit a cable drive unit to somewhere on the engine? If so, where does it go, what do I need in the way of parts and do I need clockwise or counterclockwise unit?
Any comments appreciated.

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Re: Fitting tacho/hour meter

Post by Billy26F5 »

For any Major between 53 and 58 you need an angle drive unit (E1ADKN-17373B or E1ADKN-17373C), a cable (E1ADKN-17365B or E1ADKN-17365C) and the tachometer itself (E1ADKN-17360C or E1ADKN-17360D or E1ADKN-17360E or E1ADKN-17360F) together with the bracket for it (E1ADKN-17368V or E1ADKN-17368C), a clip for the cable (E1ADKN-17367) and a bent throttle lever (E1ADN-9805B) plus fixings. These were available from both Smiths and AC in mph and km/h, you only need to make sure the parts match the same manufacturer as they're not interchangeable except as a complete kit. They are available new but these new ones are of doubtful quality.

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