E27N gearbox/diff seal change

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E27N gearbox/diff seal change

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Three years since i brought the tractor i am up to changing out the seal that is causing my fluids to level out in the gearbox and diff. As i've read on here over the years it's a very common problem. Can anyone help me with some pictures or an exploded diagram of exactly what i should be replacing if im going to have the rear end split. Anything in particular i need to be mindful about. Also in order to complete the restoration i am in need of a smiths 3PL unit in any condition. I am in Victoria Australia and would be happy to organise freight if it's not too pricey. If anyone can help that'd be great!

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Re: E27N gearbox/diff seal change

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It is common for the E27N and later models Major, PM &SM to leak oil from the diff to the GB. I believe most of this occurs through the PTO shaft seal and maybe fixed without splitting the
tractor, only the PTO shaft and the PTO gearbox may have to be removed. I think the set up is similar to the later models.

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Re: E27N gearbox/diff seal change

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I have to agree with RW on this one. Pull the PTO shaft and drop the PTO drive box and change the PTO to Diff seal first. Even if the top seal is leaking it will not drop to dangerous levels in the gearbox and probably can be ignored. I have an E27N tractor that is split for a complete gearbox rebuild and although none of the work is complicated the bits are darn big and heavy and the less you need to pull off the better.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Regards, Frank.

P.S. Try Norm Smith in Haddon for the 3 point linkage. Ph: 5342 4486. He had one in the yard that came off the tractor I am rebuilding at the moment. That was a while ago now but you may get lucky.
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Re: E27N gearbox/diff seal change

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Hi all
My oil leak was so bad I used to take a battery drill and pump with me on road runs and at every stop transferred the high oil from the rear axle back into the gearbox (6 times in one day!)
I changed my PTO oil seal by draining the oil from g/box and rear axle and then removing the PTO shaft.
I then dropped the PTO unit after disconnecting the operating linkage.
One the PTO unit was off I cleaned it out and hooked out the old metal/rubber and cork seal (old age and water had done their worst!).
Replaced the seal, new gasket, refitted everything and filled up g/box and rear axle - job done.
Biggest job was trying to move the big plastic crate of rear axle oil out from under the axle - weighed a ton!
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Re: E27N gearbox/diff seal change

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hi got a smiths pm me b
1x 23f 1x 34 blue n 1 x 44 green n e27/s x 8 3ooo/ 5000 slectospeed county 754 x1 ford k series truck

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