Setting up E27N clutch

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Lister Boy
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Setting up E27N clutch

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Looking at resetting / adjusting clutch on a E27N engine. Mechanically it all looks simple to adjust flat and square but, is there a dimension to set the release bearing face to the back of the block?
You may well be able to adjust any variation out on the clutch linkage but, as I only have the engine I want to set it to 'Factory'
Is this information in any of the literature / workshop manual?

thanks Mike

Aussie Frank
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Re: Setting up E27N clutch

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Hi Mike,

I have never adjusted the pressure plate of any E27N clutch I have worked on. I have only ever just fitted new clutch plates and left everything else alone. But since you asked i did consult my Fordson Major instruction manual and on page 140 in the section To Remove Clutch in italics is the following statement.

Do not dismantle the pressure plate as its subsequent correct reassembly cannot be effected without the proper equipment.

To me that says leave all the bolts etc well alone and don't mess with it. Hopefully you have not touched it yet and all is well. If not your approach of flat and square should work with the addition of trying to find any traces of marks on the bolts to figure out where they may have been set to in the past.

Most likely though, if you can get it back together and square it will work as there is loads of adjustment outside and a small amount of error on the inside should have minimal impact.

Regards, Frank.

P.S. If you want a scan of the relevant pages from the manual P.M. me your email address and I will send them to you.
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