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Approaching Completeness

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 7:55 pm
by oehrick
Well, in the last couple of days I have managed to get hold hold of the last couple of original bits needed to make my old girl 'as built' - having recently revived the lighting system it highlighted the missing rear / number plate light / trailer socket, only the mounting bracket of which remained and that pretty mangled, found an original Butler unit, (rusty as a hoss shoe) on ebay. This made me wonder, while I have seen numerous tractors with these still fitted, I can't recall ever seeing the matching trailer lights plug - anyone point me at a pic anywhere. Thought this might be handy to plug in a clip on amber beacon for better visibility.

Blueorange, you queried the reason for the hole in the dash when you came over, I noticed in the workshop manual last night that this was for the starter switch on the spark ignition versions so my recollection of a rubber blanking grommet there is probably right!

Today I headed over the Trans Norfolk Highway to Framingham Earl, where the last item on my shopping list, an original non scalloped wheel centre was obtained from another Ebayer who has a Super - unfortunately he already had a pair of the later centres so that mean't parting with beer tokens instead of a swap, which leaves me a with pair surplus to requirements (likewise a pair of tin fronts with wide, bald tyres along with the hubs) should anyone be in need.....

Still trying to find a way between oily rag and proper rust treatment on some areas, both the new bits in particular.

BTW Congrats to anyone fortunate enough to live in the Union Pacific area of the States, in case you'd not seen they have had the first Big Boy (the largest steam loco ever in service world-wide) back in steam for about 60 years and out on proving runs with another big loco, Google Big Boy 4014 2015 or have a look here 9 minutes in is good - designed to haul 3500 tons (often exceeded) was wondering how many Majors that equates to :scratchhead: