Agriline Engine Overhaul Kit

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Agriline Engine Overhaul Kit

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What are agriline engine overhaul kits like?
and whats the different from
Engine Overhaul Kit - Dexta, Fully Finished Liner
and Engine Overhaul Kit - Dexta??

Also is there a company who make the selectors for the gear sick? since my dexta jumps out of gear and has a new stick aswell
Owner of a 1961 fordson dexta restyled model :)

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Re: Agriline Engine Overhaul Kit

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I will try to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge..

Agriline engine overhaul kits seems to be OK, I have one in my Dexta, and after ten hours running it seems to be fine.

With a Dexta, the liners in early engines are what is called a press fit, basically, they need controlled pressure to insert the liners into the block.
This in turn causes a certain amount of distortion to the liner, which means that a machine needs to 'finish' the liner to make it ready for the piston to fit.

I was under the impression that this was the case with all Dexta's, until the Super Dexta was introduced, at which point the liners were 'interference fit' which means they can almost be fitted with a little gentle persuasion by hand. (Or perhaps sitting in the freezer to slightly contract them, and then they should slide in easily)

When I did my engine on my 1958 Dexta, there was only the unfinished liner available.

I have to say I'm not 100% sure about the finished liner for the Dexta, you would perhaps need to contact Agriline for clarification.


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