!959 Dexta starting issues

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!959 Dexta starting issues

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Hello all. I've recently acquired a 1959 Dexta from my neighbor's estate hear in Florida. The fuel system has a electric fuel pump added, replacing the original set up. The tractor starts right up and runs great with a small shot of ether and restarts easily when warm but I haven't been able to start with primer button and heater. First question; does anybody have a shop manual to share or know where to purchase a good manual. Mine came with a generic Ford tractor manual but this doesn't seem to have much information specific to my dexta. Does this tractor have glow plugs or some other sort of heater system and what is the best way to troubleshoot this system. Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Geoff Crook from sunny Florida.

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Re: !959 Dexta starting issues

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The heater/primer system on the Dexta is quite a straight forward setup.

The primer button takes fuel from the connection under the tank, when the primer button is squeezed it forces fuel through the pipe which leads to the intake manifold, at the side of the glow plug.
It is normal for this primer button to be leaky and probably not working after 40 years!
Replacement is the only option if not working.
To test, simply unscrew the union at the manifold and press the button a few times. If it's working, a shot of diesel will come from the pipe.

To test the glow plug, remove the wire, remove the glow plug from the manifold, re-attach the wire, and earth the body, probably best on the threads which screw into the manifold (not where the wire attaches!) to some bright metal. Then press the button on the dash.

After a few seconds, if it is working, the coil in the glow plug will glow bright orange.

If not, use a multimeter, or simple test lamp to check for power to the glow plug. Connect one lead to earth, the other to the wire going to the glow plug.

If power is present, the lamp/multimeter will glow/show a voltage.

If not check the connection from the ignition switch to the glow plug switch at the back of the dash. If power present at the incoming terminal but not at the outgoing terminal when the button is pressed, replace the switch.
If power is present at incoming and outgoing terminal, but not at the glow plug, check for breaks in the wire leading to the glow plug. Repair and replace as necessary.

Any more help needed, post back and I will see what I can do.


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