parts needed for axles seal replacement ?

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parts needed for axles seal replacement ?

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I have oil leaking from the hub onto the inside of the wheel. The brakes are rubbish so I am pretty certain that the oil seal(s) are in need of replacement, along with the brake linings

Other than brake shoes, inner and outer seals and (possibly) bearings, what else will I need ? Any gaskets ?

The PO told me that it had had new brake shoes relatively recently, but not sure how in depth this operation was.

Is there a better supplier of parts. If it is anything like old land rover spares, the quality is not as good as original

many thanks

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Re: parts needed for axles seal replacement ?

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Do you know if it has the press-on bearing retainers or the nut type? Either way you will need some access to tools - either a shop press and a gas torch or a large adjustable wrench.
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