Ford 3000 Force manifold heater installation

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Dave Adams
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Ford 3000 Force manifold heater installation

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I have a force 3000 that is a pig to start, relying on ether.
I have purchased a heater - now screwed into the manifold. Ive also bought a 5 way ignition barrel / starter switch with keys. My intention was to plumb the diesel supply from the injector overflow hoses, but will a single wire to there starter switch be enough to heat up the glow plug then ignite the fuel ?
Anyone fitted this before?

Dave Adams
West Cumbria

Hair Bear
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Re: Ford 3000 Force manifold heater installation

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A poor starting 3000 is unusual, points towards worn bores, rings, pistons etc. Have you done a compression test?
The set up you're installing is very similar to the fitting in a Massey35 with a P3 engine. If you have one locally to look at it will give an idea of wire gauge etc. Once fitted don't use ether, it could detonate in the manifold. Very messy.
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Re: Ford 3000 Force manifold heater installation

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Is this a 3000 with an inline pump (and lift pump ) or one with a rotary pump?

Obviously the inline pump has the excess fuel button so a tractor that needs ether to start despite using the excess fuel device has other issues such as low compression due to wear. If it has a rotary pump then the 3000 with a rotary pump for some reason does not start as well as a 4000 which all have the rotary pump.

A single heavy wire from the heat/start switch will carry enough current for the thermostart.
However you will need a reservoir to supply the thermostart and this should be fitted in the return line from the injectors to the tank. I have found that the reservoir and pipework off a David Brown 90 series (1390/1490) and the mounting bracket fit the bill quite well. Look on EBay they are advertised now and then.
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