Ford 3000 not responding

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Ford 3000 not responding

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Hi All
I own a 1975 Ford 3000 ( one of the last built I think) the problem is that when I select the hydraulic lift to lift ,it don't ,not straight away anyway and will take 30 seconds or even up to a few minutes to lift. The only thing that I do know is that just after the lift has been selected to lift you see a slight movement and then nothing . Can anyone tell whats the cause and how to put this right as its anoying . But seems to lift reasonable when lift is not under load when nothings on the linkage , I only found this out when I attached a plough to the 3000 the other day.

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Re: Ford 3000 not responding

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I'm only guessing as I never worked on a 3000, but assuming you have no leaking pipes on the suction side of the [engine-mounted] pump, I'd be inclined to think there are clues in this old thread: ... lter#p7994
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1335674 - err - one day..
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