1981 Ford 7600 Power plus Diesel pump Problem

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1981 Ford 7600 Power plus Diesel pump Problem

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Hi all
I have a problem with the fuel system on my 1981 Ford 7600 Power plus Tractor . The tractor seems to have a miss fire , when you open the unions on the injectors . Injectors( looking from the front of tractor) number 1 cylinder changes note and so does number 2 and number 4 but when number 3 is opened nothing happens and very little diesel is seen form the feed pipe . The workshop manual says its the fuel delivery Valve on the pump is not allowing enough diesel to injector ,but I just cant seem to get my head around this. anyone had this problem before.

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Re: 1981 Ford 7600 Power plus Diesel pump Problem

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Each pumping element in the pump is independently adjusted to deliver the right amount of fuel required.

It is a job for a specialist diesel shop with the right test equipment to "phase" the pump. It is possible that your pump adjustment has slipped on that pumping element.
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Re: 1981 Ford 7600 Power plus Diesel pump Problem

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I don't want to sound like I know what I'm talking about, because I don't.. :D
But this seems to be a topic which often comes up, and although every workshop manual warns against interfering with injection pumps, the basics are not rocket science?
The gasket around the cover plate on the side of my pump seems to leak, and if I leave the tractor outside it eventually gets water in, which causes things to stick... So I've been in here a couple of times, without wrecking anything (yet)

So.. if you take the cover plate off the side of the pump, and remove the 2 washer things which the plate's bolts screw into.. you see that they fit into slots top and bottom, turn them 90 degrees :


The 4 vertical bar things, each clamped by an Allen screw to the horizontal 'rack', should be evenly spaced..


The 4 pistons should all move up/down by the same amount, check by turning the engine on the starter, or you can start it, it won't do any harm with the cover off..
If your no3 is sticking it may be possible to free it off, I posted other photos before about further dismantling?

There were a couple of drops of water came out when I took these photos just now, and you can see the creamy gunge. I'll give it a blast with the hot-air gun before I put the lid back on 8)
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