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Ford 2000 advice please

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:37 pm
by fersfield2
Hi, I am about to buy a Ford 2000 - 1968 I believe can anyone help with a few questions

what size topper will this cope with ?
Will it have enough power for a back actor
Which front loader will fit ?

or should I look for something bigger ?

A whole bunch of thank you 's for any replies

Re: Ford 2000 advice please

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:02 pm
by blackbob
A 2000 will have rather more power than a grey Fergie and you see them with 5-foot toppers, I guess it depends what you will be cutting? Stuff like thistles/nettles are easily cut but if you need to chop big rushes or long grass then you may have to go very slowly..

A back-actor such as a McConnel is light and easily driven, it won't be a problem for your 2000. Remember that Ford sold a 'full size' digger, the 3550, based on a 3000 tractor, as did Massey with their 135-based 40. And it should be easy to find a loader, MIL or Steelfab or Quicke all made loaders to fit the small Fords; get one which has been fitted to a 2000. 3000, 2600, 3600 or (I think) 4100 which all have the same mountings. I'm pretty sure a loader from a Dexta wouldn't fit a 2000, and a 4000 certainly needs different brackets.

Whether you need something bigger... only you can decide. Personally I would much rather have the 2000 than a more modern compact tractor, which may have more gears, be more powerful for its weight and be dimensionally smaller to fit in your shed. But they just aren't as robust and reliable, and certainly won't increase in value like your Ford will. Get it bought!