Ford 6410 tractor engine

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Ford 6410 tractor engine

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Does anyone have a Operators manual on a Ford 6410 that explains how you bleed the fuel system , bearing in mind that it is fitted with a Lucas CAV DPS fuel pump that has no bleed screw . thanks

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Re: Ford 6410 tractor engine

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Hello Ford 7600,

Maybe this can help. It's the site of the former Dutch Ford and Fordson club. They have gave permession to use there documents.

You need to check in. login name: loginFFCNleden pass word: 20FFCN10?
Go to the technical information page and click on the Ford logo at the 10 series.

This part of the FFCN site is only for FTP users to use so don't give the check in data to outsiders.

Remember all documents of this site are for free, so take good care of them.
Kind regards, Henk

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Re: Ford 6410 tractor engine

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Are you sure you don't have a bleed screw on the cav rotary pump? Our 5610 surely had one.

This pump can be a real challenge to bleed. Found a photo of the bleed screws in this topic on yt board. ... &th=522808

Make your life easier by changing the filters and clean the gauze on the tank robinet, to be sure you have a decent and easy fuel flow.

When it runs you'd best open up the lines at the injector one after another to get all air out.

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