Which Old Ford Tractor??

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Which Old Ford Tractor??

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I was with a friend last week at an equipment auction and saw an old Ford 8N go for $900.00. The price didn't capture my attention at all. It was the lines on the sheet metal and the sound of that gasoline engine. That night, I was looking at YouTube and saw the 2N, 8N, 9N and the '53 NAA Golden Jubilee. I think I'm in love and I want one to completely tear down and rebuild.........Ford Red Tiger Engine and all. I also think I like the 641 and 841 respectively. No matter what I get, it's main purpose will be show but I don't own anything that doesn't start right up and run like it should.

All that said, my question is - which one should I buy and why? Should I get one with the Sherman Hi/Low tranny? What should I be wary of and what should I upgrade during the restoration? I'm very curious and would really love to see some pictures from guys who have gone this way before me. Thanx in advance

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Re: Which Old Ford Tractor??

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Hello Howard,

Welcome here,
I will move your post to the right section. This one is for the Fordson F, N or E27N major.

I personally would go for the 641 or 841 as these are really not common in Europe. Same goes a bit for the Golden Jubilee. It also depends on your needs and what you are going to do with the tractor afterwards. Does it need to be very small or rather big?

For the restauration side:
Check first if there are lot's of spare parts available (new or used), that will be a big help in your restoration process. I'm looking for good tinwork and would check if all fluids are on the right place in the engine. It's also helpful the tractor still runs when you buy it.
Going for a complete tear down, means changing all seals, checking all bearings and gears, renewing all fluids.
The Hi/low tranny can make your tractor a bit more special, but it's not really an option you will need if it's a show tractor.
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