Ford 7610 MK2 Load Monitor and transmission problem?

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Ford 7610 MK2 Load Monitor and transmission problem?

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Hi, thanks for the forum IDs.

The tractor is mainly used for snow work, as a forestry machine and loader, and is also driven with a load for long journeys.
The problem was a transmission failure that prevents the machine from being used at this time. The fault manifests itself in the transmission as a bad sound and the end of the movement of the wheels. I have looked at whether the clutch and the gearbox, the drive gear and the rear-axes ratios. No fault has been found in any of these, but the parts have been like new. Only the Load Monitor unit remained unexplored from the inside because it looked intact on the outside. The question is, are Forum members aware of a fault in the rear axle traction that has had to be dismantled or replaced for a year? The machine has about 6500 operating hours.

All parts of this tractor, with the exception of the engine, have been inspected and the machine is to be completely restored to its original condition with a front loader.

Ari from Finland

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