Stripping 1925 Fordson Model F

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Stripping 1925 Fordson Model F

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I am going to be stripping and selling one of my 1925 Fordson Model F's so most parts will be for sale.

I have come to the conclusion I do not need 3 tractors and tons of parts especially when I only really have space for one of them! :lol:

If anyone is after any specific parts please let me know.

A home made conversion (not by me, by a person that has done an awesome job) for converting the F to rubber and to make it narrower. The axles have been shortened to fit. Comes with wheels and tyres too.

Engine block only. This has a crack in the water jacket so easy repair but comes with an age appropriate V5C. No plates. Perfect running engine before being split. All other engine parts available separately.

Rear transmission complete. Minus axles and shafts (see narrowed wheel conversion above)

Another rear transmission in parts so will sell parts individually.

Other parts include water washer, rad sides, rad bottom, water tank, fuel tank (in bad shape), loads of axles, steering rods, Dash, engines components separately.

I will be getting pictures up together over the next week while I sort through the workshop but please let me know if there is anything specific you want.

Prices are going to be fair and open to offers on the parts but let me know what you want and I will let you know price.

I have a 2 right original wheels. 1 in bad condition the other in good condition.
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Re: Stripping 1925 Fordson Model F

Post by fred2873 »


I am looking for a manifold and carb bits for a 1923. Do you have anything available?



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