McConnel Power Arm PA44

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McConnel Power Arm PA44

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Thought this might deserve it's own thread. I have often thought that tractors look bare unless attached to something. After all, a tractor on its own is not much more than a slow and cumbersome transport for one person - not what it was made for! As I am hoping to someday build an extension, something to dig with might be useful, so...


I chose this backhoe in particular for its apparent versatility - it can be offset for digging parallel to walls - and also its narrow overall width. I have a pretty tight alley down the side of the house with not much room to spare, so anything wider than the major was out of the question. The angled legs ensure adequate stability, yet are sufficiently narrow when fully retracted.

I have also acquired the flail mower attachment just in case the Zombie apocalypse actually happens, but mostly because I think it would be cool to collect a full set of attachments for it. If the flail is not enough there is a sawblade too if I can find one!

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Re: McConnel Power Arm PA44

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Good to see. I think a similar one is in a Ford film on an NP Super Major.

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