Light duty cooke winch

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Light duty cooke winch

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I am trying to fit a light duty cooke winch to one of my majors, but as they are pretty rare I am struggling to find any information about it. When I bought it it had been butchered and fitted to a 3pl frame, but I am trying to put it back to original.

It fits between the lift arms, and has a short chain drive from the pto to a sprocket on the winch. You are supposed to be able to use the 3pl with it fitted. It bolts on the 4 holes on the back end below the top link bracket, but it appears to have had brackets gassed off that would go down the side of the back end, but I can only imagine they would bolt on the trumpet housings??

It is also missing the sprockets and chain, so I don't know what the pitch should be.

Otherwise it's pretty complete, including the maker's badge. I have only seen one picture of one in the FM miscellany 2, so would appreciate any information at all!



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