Home Made Box Grader

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Home Made Box Grader

Post by MikesDexta »

I needed to level a 2 acre paddock so decided to convert my David Brown Cultivator to a Box Grader. It's a bit Heath Robinson, made out of 2 lengths of old scaffold board, some 3x2 and 2 pieces of welded, drilled angle iron plus bolts (to make it easy to attach and remove from the cultivator). The chains just stop the box section dropping when raised. Despite it being a bit cobbled together it works well behind my Dexta.


Here it is in action

1959 Dexta
I'm not retired just re-deployed

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Re: Home Made Box Grader

Post by Billy26F5 »

We used to have a leveller on our large cultivator, in the form of a large log.
We rarely used it for levelling, more as ballast, until it broke up, rotten.
Your arrangement is much better, and it should survive for much longer. Our log sat in the weather for 11 years before it came off in bits.

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Re: Home Made Box Grader

Post by henk »

Real McGiver tool. :clap:
Kind regards, Henk

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