FTP lives on! New site ownership!

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Site Governance Team
Site Governance Team
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FTP lives on! New site ownership!

Post by Oscar »

Dear Fordson Friends,

I am very happy to announce that www.fordsontractorpages.nl will continue! :clap: :beer:

After the closure announcement, several members have contacted me because they were interested in taking over the site. A sincere "thank you!" to everyone who stepped forward - we appreciate your support very much.

The new owners of the site are Mathias1 and Henk, both long-time members and known to many of you. Mathias is from the Antwerp-area in Belgium and Henk is from the province of Zeeland in Holland, so they live quite close to each other. I will leave it up to them to share their plans for the site with you.

I wish Henk and Mathias1 all the best with bringing this site forward!

Best regards,

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Re: FTP lives on! New site ownership!

Post by PghBill »

A great big Thank You !!!
Thanks to Oscar and Brian for all the knowledge and experience over the past years. And thank You to Henk and Mathias1 for stepping up and keeping this site open.
I know there are many who were lamenting the loss of this great wealth of information and world wide group. All of us have been assisted in keeping our Blue Machines up and running and it would be a sad day to see it all go away.
Bill :beer: :beer: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Site Governance Team
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Re: FTP lives on! New site ownership!

Post by mathias1 »

Just as so many people here we felt it as a big loss when the shut down of the website was announced. Both Henk and I talked about what could be done to give the site a new future. Soon we agreed to step up and take over the site. A big thank you to Brian and Oscar for creating the site and making it as big it's now. We also want to thank you for your confidence. As soon as plans are getting final for upgrading the board, it will be posted on the board
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Re: FTP lives on! New site ownership!

Post by bobfaecullen »

Well done guys for preserving this wealth of information, I don't post much but I love to read what others are up to.


Mervyn Spencer
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Re: FTP lives on! New site ownership!

Post by Mervyn Spencer »

Just a big thank you to Oscar and Brian for creating and managing this valuable site over the past few decades, I certainly have learnt a lot over the years(since 2004). I would also like to thank Henk and Mathias for taking up this enormous challenge and wish them both every success. I certainly will continue to supporting the site in the future.
:beer: :clap: :buddies:

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Re: FTP lives on! New site ownership!

Post by Emiel »

Very good news.

Good Luck Henk and Mathias.


Best regards


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Re: FTP lives on! New site ownership!

Post by Nevis »

So very pleased that the site will continue. When I bought my Dexta in 2008 this site was the difference between ending up with a garden ornament or being able to do the repairs needed to make the tractor an invaluable piece of working equipment! Many thanks to the new site owners and good kuck for the future!

Dandy Dave
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Re: FTP lives on! New site ownership!

Post by Dandy Dave »

Glad to see this site has been saved. It has been a while but I have both learned and also shared knowledge on this site. A big thanks to all. :clap: Dandy Dave!
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