6cyl injection pump problems

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6cyl injection pump problems

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Hello everyone once more,
I have been checking my injection pumps to see which one I will use in my conversion.
I have found that both the early style pump set up with a mechanical governor and the late type Simms with the small side cover have damage to their governors which may be an expensive fix.

My original Idea was to use the earlier injection pump and convert it back to the pnematic governor, this now becomes even more desireable now I find that the rack shaft is badly worn.

I have the spare pnematic set up of a unservicable 4cyl unit, I just need to find someone who can supply me a square rack shaft. the only hard part there is paying to have the whole pump recalabrated!

Perhaps If I can get the mechanical governor parts for the late small side cover 1963 Simms injection pump this may work out cheeper as I could do this one without having to redo the rack shaft settings.

Can anyone please tell me where I can get the above Simms fuel Injection pump parts from?
I was advise that a Mechanicla injection pump operates in a different direction for fuel increase and is not compatable with fitting a pnematic governor.
I ended up buying a 1961 Thames trader engine which had the early Simms injection pump which solves my problem.

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