pump govenor

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pump govenor

Post by super6 »

My 6 cylinder major has a 2703 engine i think, it came from a crane originally.
The engine has recently got bouncy on tickover and especially when trying to drive at low revs, also when you reverse and hit brakes it nearly stalls.
Is this a sign i need to have govenor rebuilt,, i have a old d series lorry engine with a very similar pump (serial number is the same) would i be able to swap or maybe swap some of the bits inside.
Thanks Brett

1962 model
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Re: pump govenor

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yes these pumps do seem to be very similar, I would ask your local fuel injection service centre, if you can find old time personell with the experience.

The governors between the 1963, 1965 and K series are interchangable as I have recently had these apart, so there is a good possibility that the later D series engines you have there, would at least have the same componets.

The 1963 and 1965 of course have a different rotation and mounting, the cam itself is different too, it might even have a different firing order, the cams are certanally wider.

Check your oil in the governor housing if it is all rusty you definately need a serviced or replacement pump.


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