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Malcom Moore loader

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 3:23 pm
by 1962 model
Hello all,
I have just picked up the makings of a Fordson converted Malcom Moore loader, I haven't seen much on these on the forum so thought I would start a topic on Malcom Moore Loaders. ( some of my distant ancestors in Yorkshire were named Moore, too )

I picked up a replacement E 27N to fit the framework to, as well, need to get it all working now,
This has a plaque 5th May 1947 and FEL 4 which would seem that it is a quite low production loader.

Does anyone have any information on these conversions or know anyone with oneI can get information, on how it is supposed to work, are they just an Australian conversion?

This is what it should look like except Malcom Moore Machines are normally yellow.
This tractor loader was at the Fairbridge Machinery day in W/Australia recently , if anyone know who the owner is I would like to make contact with him, to compare loaders.


Re: Malcom Moore loader

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:46 pm
by brockwood
Hi I have one of these but im no expert but il have ago they are for those that haven’t seen one reasonably common they were built by Malcom moore in Melbourne vic who as well as being state fordson and county dealers cast all the wheels weights and replacement heavier duty axle housings but mainly produced a range off construction machinery including these loaders they were built on the n and e27n’s and I think f’s theirs a rather nice picture in Stuart gibbards book ford tractor conversions p/12 of I think a f trackson loader with snow plough at I guess one of the aus snow resorts mine is a little different in that it was converted from a stuffed n to a e/27 in about 59 so it lacks the constant drive for the winch on a n the drive comes off what was the belt pulley which is not live vir a drive that looks some what like a multi v belt pulley about 6 ‘ diameter above is is a matching wheel about 18’ when you pull the handle they engage on the v’s they do wear and you have to stone the tops to stop them bottoming in the grooves or it will slip its very strong and pretty simple there’s self aligning bearings on a 3’ shaft the right hand mounted on an excentric which is set to not quite lock in when engaged then there’s a similar reduction vir a chain up to winch drums on the left but as I said on a n its not live so there’s a bit of a technique to driving. on a e27 all the same except the drive was made constant running this was done by driving the belt pulley off a new gear on the back of the clutch pressure plate the pulley actually runs backwards and cant be stoped im told the drive is a bit weak and that’s why the drive take of is a little different with a smooth small pulley of brake lining like material onto a smooth large pulley these are a softer drive and are often quite worn otherwise all pretty much the same so if you are re building one by swapping tractors don’t forget the internal drive iv know it to happen there is supposedly a bit to setting up the drive I have a manual that covers it its for a road master grader that used the same drive on the screw jacks for the blade hope that’s of some help B

Re: Malcom Moore loader

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:52 pm
by brockwood
Hi thought peolpe might be interested in a walk around of my cable loader ... ideo_title