County 942H

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Curt H.
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County 942H

Post by Curt H. »

Can anyone tell me howmany 942H (high clear) tractors were made or any other info

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Re: County 942H

Post by Pascal »

Hi Curt,

Imho no County 942H were made.

The high-clearance County's are
- County Hi-Drive (based on SuperMajor)
- 652H (based om Ford 5000X)
- 752H (based om Ford 5000Y)
- 762H (based on Ford 6600-6610)
- 1162H (based om County 1164...pretty rare)
- and to make the list complete MF 65H and MF 165H

If I am wrong, please send me a picture of the 942H.
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Re: County 942H

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