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Aveling Barford grader plans or pictures required

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 6:47 am
by 1962 model
Hello everyone,
My son wants to build a replica of an Aveling Barford grader using my old spare parts 1955 New Major as a base. I have shown him how to do the rear axle seals and hydraulic top seals, and we need to split and do the gearbox seal and we can tthen start on mounting a blade.

We have fitted a 590E 6cyl engine to give more length and some grunt, but we only have limited information on how to mount the mid mount blade, the steering is also an issue we need to come to terms with too, if anyone can tell us how this was done to give clearance from the verticle hydraulic ram?

We hope someone can help with mountings or pictures?