What Type Of GMC Axle Did Roadless Use?

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What Type Of GMC Axle Did Roadless Use?

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I'll probably never own my own Roadless tractor but I may be able to make one :scratchhead: I was wondering exactly the type of axle they used, if they're still to be got and at what price.
Also, what about the axle used on the Dexta and 3000? What kind of axle was it?

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Re: What Type Of GMC Axle Did Roadless Use?

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I believe it is a ton and a half military axel from the early/mid forty's. hence there were a lot of them available after WW2. I'll try to look for a specific model for you this weekend, I have a parts catalog from a guy on the US East coast with some info in it.
If you do a little research on the 4X4 mudder truck websites you can find some helpful info, I believe they shy away from these early ones as they were rather weak, the newer ones have fine spline shafts as well as several other improvement, and from the outside no one would ever know that you have the updated version under the front of your Fordson.


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