6 cylinder major

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6 cylinder major

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HI , can anybody help with advice , have probs with fordson engine and thought about changing the 4 cyl for a 6 cyl.
Is there a 6 cyl that is fairly available and fits straight on bellhousing without too much messing about , and what clutch should be fitted .
many thanks Jim

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Re: 6 cylinder major

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Welcome to the forum the easiest motor to fit is the ford thames trader 6d upright motor from the mid 50's early 60's. none of the truck or industrial 6's are a direct bell housing fit, due to aluminium sumps and the bottom curve being different ( the top of the block is right). frame rails, front motor mounts, steering arm, bonnet ,and wishbone need altering. I would steer clear of the later 2700 series motors they are an ignorant pig to fit. Been there done that :wink: .
Best thing is to search this board and the fordson Major board and find the 100's of posts already here about them :wink: .
In truth unless you are a good mechanic and a great welder and fabricator the easiest thing is to put a tractor 4 back in, or fix yours if you can :wink: .
Hope this helps you a little :)
Regards Robert
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