ford cargo series injector types

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ford cargo series injector types

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Hello. I'm new to this forum and are having trouble with my injectors on my cargo type engine that is mounted on a power major. The problem is that I can't find any bigger injector nozzles than 4*0.33 that fitts de injector bodies. it seem that i have some kind of newer style? The only number i have on the block is 826f 6015 eab. Thanks for your help. .. ☺

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Re: ford cargo series injector types

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Don't know if it will help or not some of those motors had CAV pumps and injectors, and some had Bosch equipment fitted, I had one once and we put it in my buddys puller when he blew a motor :cry: , his injectors were CAV and we pulled the Bosch ones out and fitted his tuned ones straight in the head. I also know that the guys tractor pulling fitted volvo maybe f10 or 12 type truck nozzles to injectors for more power, that was about 20 years ago so my memory might be off a little :!: . There maybe more out there to that fit depending what you are doing :wink: .
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