Moore Loader industrail clutch set up 1963

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1962 model
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Moore Loader industrail clutch set up 1963

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Hello everyone,
I have recently bought a Super Major Moore loader which seems to be one of the first with the new 13" industrail clutch.
The loader is a mess, being butchered with modifications and bullet holes, which has damaged several componets incuding the gearbox housing, ( which I will be replacing when rebuilding the engine ). The resurfacing of the clutch face with an angle grinder did not help either!
The engine number of this loader is C 785393 cast A 22 J which does not seem to conform to any engine numbers from this period that I have seen. normally the numbers had changed over to the new system by this time, this has a bit of both numbering systems.

My clutch problem is there are so many extra plugs ( modifications ) added to the circumference of the clutch housing that I cannot work out where the ( missing ) grease line is supposed to attach.
I need to know the dimentions from the front flange and height for the position to drill through the replacment housing ( 1957 version ) to locate the grease nipple point, if anyone can help me?

If anyone knows where I can get minimec injection pump seals & cold start mechanism from that would help also?


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Re: Moore Loader industrail clutch set up 1963

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hi mike its not one of moores super heavy clutches or a home brew attempt at it which was to go back to the e27 wet clutch.the woods museum at rupanyup has one and i think barrie m has a flyer on doing it
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