Which inlet manafold is best to use on 590E?

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Which inlet manafold is best to use on 590E?

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I am looking to find which model has the best inlet manafold to use, indications are that manafolds through to 1981 may fit.
I am looking for a Manafold which has a rear facing opening so that I can better match it to the tractor which I am converting to the 590- E engine.

I have seen a picture of a rear facing version on a Fordson, but I cannof find which model to quote to be able to get one for myself, can anyone tell which model has the rear facing opening as the verticle one does not suit what I have in mind?

If anyone has a picture that would be really good too.


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Re: Which inlet manafold is best to use on 590E?

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The standard inlet manifold is a little to tall. The inlet manifold on the County Super 6 has a simple modification. I can post a picture tomorrow comparing the two. The early engines with pneumatic governors and a butterfly throttle cannot be modified so really you need a Minimec equipped engine. The Minimec manifold (Mk 2) is the same casting as the Mk 1 with the throttle adjusting screw and throttle butterfly shaft bosses not drilled.

The modification to the Mk 2 manifold is as follows:

Remove the "ears" that are cast to enable the throttle adjusting screws for Mk1 engines.
Smooth off the cast boss for the throttle butterfly shaft for Mk1 engines.
Reduce the inlet height such that the the parallel portion where the inlet hose fits is about 1 inch (I will check this tonight)

You can also modify a D series manifold but the Cargo truck manifold does not fit a 590E. The rear facing manifold is off the 2000E industrial engines mainly the ones converted for marine use.

I would use the standard manifold modified as on the Countys

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