Fordson Super Major Selene

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Fordson Super Major Selene

Post by Banagher »

Hi all,
Jim here from the west of Ireland calling for help. I post very rarely but view the site regularly. Regardless I need the help that only this site can and have so ably provided to others and I am now on the hunt for information.
Firstly, Last week I purchased a Fordson Super Major with a Selene front axle. This will add to a growing collection of Tractors that I now own.
Currently I have a
1. 57 Major that was brought back from Upstate New York in good condition only needing the wiring reviewed. I have a 6 Back wheel Weights & DAR installed with a Raised PTO & Pickup hitch ready to install
2. 64 County Super 4 in Superb condition, those in the know would know the name John Crothers, I purchased it from him in 2012 and he did a very good refurb for me.
3. David Brown 996 2wd. Q Cab Wide door, also in very good condition with no tin worm.
And now
4. 19?? Fordson Super Major Selene 4wd. It was tied to a back actor but I had that cut off as I had no use for it and it was dead weight on the delivery.
Overall the latest tractor is fairly ok, it starts, Selects gears ok etc. All I have done is taken it off the delivery Trailer and parked it
The Tractor as you might expect needs urgent attention.
• Breaks are sticking,
• PTO Seal is leaking
• Seals leaking on the Transfer box to the Axle
• On the Lift top for the hydraulics, The "piece" that connects through to the Top link is broken, The feed back to the Hydraulics during Ploughing.
• The Nosecone, Wings are as good as shot but the Bonnet might be saved.
• There are double wheels on the back (Homemade Job) but I think I can make a good pair out of what is there.
• The Back Axle seals at the hubs are leaking on each side
• The Oil in the back end is Milk
The front Axle,
• The Axle is unknown, The Tracking brackets need extensive work as there is extensive welding patching in this area. The Power steering is working. Standing at the side of the wheel, I tried to see if it was very loose by rocking it but no big movement detected.
• The weights are ok on the front wheels but the rims are in need of attention. I could send the axle to the UK but the costs involved are high and I am finding that when I submit the quote to HQ that I get that look………………
There is /appears to be no number on the engine block so I might be able to get casting codes to check the year.

So I am looking for workshop & Parts manual for the Axle and Super Major also. I will post Pictures when I get an opportunity.
Any Advice/Information would be really appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.
Regards to all,

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Re: Fordson Super Major Selene

Post by Wolfi »

I also searching for Fordson Super Major Selene Brochures.
Do you have one?
Can you send me anything?
Thank you

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