Super Major grille ribs

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Super Major grille ribs

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my Super Major came with only two of this "ribs" (correct word?) in the grille when I got her from France a few years ago. On christmas I gifted myself with a 3d printer and building the missing parts was a nice project for playing around CAD and the printer.

This was before the operation:


My printer has a very small print bed (15cm x 15cm), so I had to cut the peaces in parts. Here you can see the original parts at the bottom and the printed parts above:


The ends and the middle part are screwed together with 4mm screws inside. The form of the parts is not excatly like the old ones, I simplyfied some curves. But if you don't have the original parts in comparison, it looks ok.

And this is the result, painted in Empire Blue:


I printed the parts with PLA, which is easy to print but not UV resistant and does not like higher tempeatures. I'm curious how long it lasts. The color may help with the UV problem, but the heat from the radiator can be a problem. We'll see ...

If anyone is interested in the STL-files I can prepare them for download.

1963 Super Major

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