Ford 7000 Schindler 4wd

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Ford 7000 Schindler 4wd

Post by strongy »

Hello I'm looking for any help discovering more about my 7000 4wd.
I know it was built in Belgium in 1974, I know its a Schindler conversion but..... was it converted from new or after sale? How do I find out?
Also, what might it be worth, I've not seen another with a Schindler conversion sold in the UK and I'd like to insure it correctly.

Thanks in advance for any help

(if anyone can tell me how to upload a picture of it, it would also be much appreciated. Thanks)

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Re: Ford 7000 Schindler 4wd

Post by Pascal »


The 4wd conversion was not a factory option, so it was done by the dealer. Schindler was a Swiss company. Many German Fords have a Schindler front axle, some Dutch too.
Parts are pretty difficult to obtain. I have some drawings of some types of Schindler front axles.

There's a topic on this board, how to upload pictures. Probably on top of this section.

Looking forward to your pictures!
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Re: Ford 7000 Schindler 4wd

Post by Brian »

Schlindler axles were offered by Ford dealers as an add-on in the UK during the 1980's. Think it was used to move on stock tractors before the new 10 Series came out with the Carraro or ZF factory fitted units. There are a number of 6600's and 7600's with the axles, there was also a board member in the US looking for parts for one a couple of years ago.

Another version of the axle was used by JCB.

The agents were Farm Tractor Drives owned by Arthur Battelle father of Nick Battelle of Old Twenty Parts.
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